Quarantine Routine:

21 Day Guide to Raise Your Vibration

Well here we are, in Quarantine. Social distancing for the greater good.

This all happened so quickly. It looks different for everyone, but one thing is for sure; life

just changed. Shit has hit the fan. Most of us have never faced something like this in our

lives. This feeling of limitation, helplessness, fear and uncertainty. It can be

overwhelming and consuming. It can paralyze us if we let it.


Thats why we created this 21 day guide to help you focus on the good, get inspired,

feel grounded, and grateful through these difficult times. It consists of inspirational

journal prompts, gratitude exercises, morning and evening meditations, daily tips, and

more. It is designed to help you create a daily habit of feeling good.


Freedom is what we all seek, and freedom truly begins within.


We have an opportunity now to use this extra time intentionally. No matter who you are,


and what experience you have, if you've found your way here,

that means you will find this guide to be beneficial.


We’ve been working with these tools for a long time, and felt called to share them with

you. It’s important for our mental health and wellbeing to focus on keeping our vibrations high,

so that we don't lose sight of the light.

We are all in this together.


It is important to us that this guide be available to anyone, regardless of their financial

situation. We are so inspired to share the knowledge and tools that we have to help

people through this time. There is no requirement to donate in order to receive the full

package, but if you are able to give it would be greatly appreciated! Any amount helps,

$1, $5, or more if you desire. We have also felt the financial impact of this quarantine as

we watch all of our gigs and events cancel, our sales slow and businesses close.

Luckily, we know this is temporary and are also able to see so much opportunity for

growth. It is our intention to help you see the same.


Thank you so very much for choosing to find ways to focus on the good,

and raise your vibration with us!


Included in this guide you will find:

• 21 days of inspiring journal prompts

• How to cultivate more gratitude

• A grounding mediation to begin your day

• An EFT Tapping video to release anxiety

• A heart centered evening mediation to relax

• A sigil creation and origami crane how to video

• Daily tips and suggested activities for more joy

• Inspirational quotes


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Sign up for the Quarantine Routine Guide!
Sign up for the Quarantine Routine Guide!
Sign up for the Quarantine Routine Guide!
Sign up for the Quarantine Routine Guide!
Sign up for the Quarantine Routine Guide!